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Next step: designing for persuasion, emotion and trust

Igor Gubaidulin, UX architect, April 26, 2017

The next loop of user experience is about designing for persuasion, emotion, and trust. You still need good usability, but it’s often not enough just to design a website that is easy to understand, navigate, and interact.

”Emotion, intuition, long-term memories and unconscious motivations make up as much as 80 percent of our decision-making processes. That leaves just 20 percent for logic to battle over,” Kevin Roberts, former CEO of the legendary advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi, once said.

This means people must be motivated and persuaded to make decisions that lead to conversion. Just because people can do something, does not guarantee that they will. Design for Persuasion, Emotion and Trust (PET Design) is rooted in social psychology and it’s pioneered by Human Factors Inc. It complements the best practices of classic usability and user experience.

I invite you to join my presentation tonight at DevClub in Tallinn where I’ll give an overview of the Design for Persuasion, Emotion and Trust (PET Design) and take a look at some PET techniques in detail.

DevClub is a monthly meetup designed for developers and people who are interested in development or related topics. For nine years already, DevClub has offered an opportunity to connect with talented and creative developers in Estonia, get inspired by leading local and foreign speakers, track innovation, and just meet each other. Events are organized either in Russian or English.

Join us tonight at 19:00 at Von Stackelberg in Tallinn. The event is free of charge, but you should register here.