Burgers on Cloud with AWS User Group Oulu

April 21, 2023

Welcome to join us for top-notch insights of AWS and AWS cloud-native services – both burgers and refreshments are also included! This time, Cloud Burgers are served together with AWS User Group in Oulu. AWS User Group is a community of people who are interested in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and related cloud technologies. Every AWS enthusiast, regardless of their background or education, is welcome to join AWS User Groups!


  • Principles of Zero Trust in AWS – Jyrki Puttonen, AWS 
  • What AWS offers for .NET developers and modern .NET applications? – Aki Pehkonen, Nortal 


Wednesday, 3.5.2023 17:00-20:00 at Hallituskatu 13 D, 90100 Oulu. We will start with premium burgers and refreshments, and the presentation will begin 17:30’ish. 




Please use our registration page to sign up! 

NOTE! There will be limited number of seats in the event – once 40 participants are reached, you will be added to the waiting list. You’ll find more information from the confirmation email that will be sent to you after registration. 


Principles of Zero Trust in AWS 

Zero Trust is a security model centered on the idea that access to data should not be solely made based on network location. It requires users and systems to strongly prove their identities and trustworthiness and enforces fine-grained identity-based authorization rules before allowing them to access applications, data, and other systems. With Zero Trust, these identities often operate within highly flexible identity-aware networks that further reduce surface area, eliminate unneeded pathways to data, and provide straightforward outer security guardrails. 

We’ll be talking about three main topics: 

  • What is Zero Trust 
  • Zero Trust principles at work within AWS (a.k.a. “Zero Trust OF the cloud”) 
  • AWS Zero Trust solutions for customers (a.k.a. “Zero Trust IN the cloud”) 

What AWS offers for .NET developers and modern .NET applications? 

.NET is Microsoft’s free, open-source platform used by many organizations worldwide. Initially, .NET was a Windows-only platform, but today you can write .NET apps on Windows, Linux, or MacOS.  

Running .NET on Azure is a common choice, but did you know that AWS is a member of the .NET Foundation and that .NET runs great on AWS? This session will discuss the experience of being a .NET developer working on Mac and using AWS. Like Azure, AWS has a good set of .NET SDKs to connect your apps to AWS services and build cloud-native apps beyond utilizing the cloud only as an infrastructure.  

In addition, we will talk about the broader strategy of moving applications to the cloud and the different options we’ve seen in organizations using multiple cloud vendors.  

What will you learn:  

  • How developer experience looks like for .NET developers using MacOS and AWS 
  • Why AWS is an excellent option for .NET apps  
  • How to leverage AWS cloud-native services to build modern .NET applications  



Jyrki Puttonen, Solutions Architect, AWS 

Jyrki has been working in financial services industry, first as a customer of AWS and then as an employee of AWS. For the last year, he has been specialising in security and compliance AWS, working with multiple customer all over Europe. 

Aki Pehkonen, Head of Cloud, Nortal 

Aki is a hands-on Head of Cloud helping Nortal clients in their cloud migration journey and adopting modern software development practices. Aki has been working in the IT industry since the early 2000s and holds professional cloud architect certifications for Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. 


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