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Investor blog

Breaking down silos to create future jobs

by Nortal HQ, October 6, 2017

Nortal is constantly preaching about the value created and efficiency increases when breaking down silos in processes. The same applies in HR and creating future jobs, says Nortal’s employer branding expert, Katrin Koha.

Nortal is big enough for employees to have substantial impact and do great things, but small enough so they don’t become lost or feel they don’t have a voice or impact within the company, Jarkko Enden, Lead Architect at Nortal loves to say when describing the company.

”And the company of approximately 600 truly has a flat structure with no strict hierarchy,” explains Enden, adding that each team is expected to operate autonomously without micro-management. The fact that the company with high-impact and mission-critical projects in 20 countries and annual turnover of roughly 50 million is owned by 34 of its own employees depicts clearly that these are not just words.

Nortal is famous for challenging ourselves and breaking our own records

Our people are self-driven specialists, looking to have a meaningful impact not only in their work life but in different aspects of their personal lives as well,” Enden says, emphasizing that this corresponds perfectly with the core values of the company to make a meaningful impact and always exceed your own expectations.

”We are famous for challenging ourselves and breaking our own records,” adds Koha. ”Estonia was once known for the record of registering a company in 18 minutes. We set ourselves a new target and created a solution for Oman, so it’s now possible to register a company in 110 seconds.”

Future jobs have to be agile

It is not just the flat structure and impact that employees of today are looking for. Future jobs need to be agile as well, says Enden. Keeping that in mind, Nortal has taken the approach of supporting employees and providing opportunities to switch teams and take on multiple roles.

”Being a big enough company with interesting projects virtually across the globe, if somebody needs a new challenge, they do not have to leave and find it elsewhere. They can find the right challenge within the company,” explains Koha, who says that agility in a workplace is an important factor what makes great people stay. ”You cannot make people fit into molds created for them – you can provide the environment and tools, and then you have to trust people,” adds Koha.

Another key factor, according to Enden, is having people around you who share the same core values, enjoy working together as a team, and why not, enjoy having a beer together after work. “In the end people value people. It is as simple as that,” he says.

Recently, Nortal HQ was awarded among the top most attractive employers in Estonia according to IT students. ”It truly makes us proud to see that our efforts have been noticed by the future talent as well,” adds Koha.

Jarkko Enden Jarkko Enden, Lead Architect at Nortal, has over 15 years of experience in software development, mainly in the healthcare technology industry. He has seen the evolution of eHealth from simple first generation systems to modern cutting edge technologies, such as AI-based decision support.


Katrin Koha Katrin Koha, Nortal’s HR wonder woman, is constantly looking for people who value jobs that have high impact. She’s passionate about finding people the job of their dreams where they can grow as professionals and create meaningful impact by being a part of building a seamless society. If you’re interested in a job at Nortal, get in touch with her via email.