Advanced data analytics for the process manufacturing industry via TrendMiner

Nortal HQ, October 21, 2022

TrendMiner is an intuitive web-based self-service analytics platform for rapid-fire visualization of time series-based process and asset data. Nortal deepened its collaboration with Software AG in May this year to offer powerful operational data analytics capabilities for companies working in the manufacturing industry via TrendMiner.

With the fourth industrial revolution rapidly gearing up, the importance and value of data are increasing for every organization. This data can give a company an enormous boost in turnover and profitability by optimizing manufacturing and logistics processes and even enabling new business models. But what’s more challenging; to get every piece out of the gathered data.

“More and more data are being gathered daily from instruments, sensors, and devices. As the volume of data produced by connected factories increases, having the right information at the right time at all levels to enable companies to make the best decisions can become truly challenging”, ponders Ergin Tuganay, Partner and Head of Industry 4.0 business at Nortal Oy.

Advanced data analytics usually require deep knowledge of the process behavior and assets, while requiring knowledge transfer between operators, process engineers and data scientists. Time-consuming, manual processes of data analysis and knowledge transferring might slow-down the insight generation and the improvements in operations.

“What is needed is a solution to identify the relevant data and translating that into actionable and understandable information for every process owner to help to optimize manufacturing operations and reduce costs. That’s why the strategic collaboration between Nortal and Software AG has begun. Using self-service advanced analytics replaces the manual processes of gaining operational insights, that have been slowing down process engineer teams for years”, Tuganay continues.

Turning big industrial data into actionable information

TrendMiner is a software designed to deliver accurate results, advanced insights and trustworthy answers to users fast. The idea of the software is based on a high-performance analytics engine for data captured in time series.

“With TrendMiner, process engineers and operators can easily search for trends and question their process data directly, without, e.g., data scientists help, who are offering the insights to them nowadays”, tells Hanne Neyens, Director of Partners and Strategic Projects at TrendMiner.

“Our software reads the industrial data generated by the production processes, analyzes it to identify trends and offers actionable information to solve production issues. This will improve day-to-day decision-making and productivity as well as effectiveness optimization”, she continues.

In addition to the analysis and monitoring, TrendMiner delivers assets to predict the performance of batch, grade, and continuous manufacturing processes with user-friendly interfaces as well as visualization tools.

Cooperation across national boundaries

Nortal Oy and Software AG started their collaboration in May 2022. Since the moment the collaboration started, there was the same passion, drive and focus to create a joint offering to answer the needs of companies working in manufacturing industry.

“The ambition and potential for our partnership is high and the quality of our collaboration is reflecting that”, Neyens from Software AG tells.

“We believe that working with the right partners will allow us to create more value for the end users. With Nortal as a partner, we are confident that together we can address the existing and future challenges in the market. This partnership very well reflects that 1+1= 3 when the right organizations join forces”, she continues.

The same feels Tuganay from Nortal, who sees the added value of partner ecosystem built.

“TrendMiner is a product organization, and we offer services. Strong partnerships like this help us to scale our impact and bring us insights from the different markets we both are serving. Those insights are essential to support our customers in the best way possible”, Tuganay ponders and continues:

“We at Nortal have more than 35 years of experience in industrial data integrations and we feel at home when designing, implementing or supporting our customers’ integration solutions between their existing data infrastructure and TrendMiner. The cooperation with Software AG’s team has gone well as expected and we eagerly wait for the successful continuation.”

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Ergin Tuganay

Ergin Tuganay

Partner, Head of Data & IoT

Ergin Tuganay on Nortalin osakas ja Head of Data & IoT. Hänellä on yli 15 vuoden kokemus useilta teollisen automaation ja dataohjatun teknologian aloilta. Hänen taustassaan yhdistyvät liiketoiminnan kehitys ja johtajuus, ja hän onkin auttanut useita kansainvälisesti toimivia teollisuuden asiakkaita digitalisoimaan valmistusprosessejaan. Erginin salaisia aseita...

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