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Data Engineering

Nortal brings engineering rigor to your data collection. By architecting and developing the foundation of your data, Nortal can create meaningful insights to your business intelligence and enable machine learning models.


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Data Pipelines

Enable your teams to analyze data and integrate machine learning with a proper pipeline. Nortal can connect all of your data streams, from reading the source, processing the data, to writing into a data warehouse.

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Data Lakes

Effortless data collection from all business units across your organization, doesn’t need to be clean. Nortal can help you store vast amounts of data in its native format, for extracting insights and analysis – when it’s needed.

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Data Warehousing

Support your business intelligence initiatives with a clean and powerful data warehouse. Nortal can help you build processes to extract, transform and load data from its source, into your data warehouse.

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Daily Processing and Storage

Processing large datasets can be expensive. Nortal can help you save on costs by separating your data storage from data processing and creating on demand compute clusters.

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Switching to Standardized Tools

By moving away from traditional or bespoke solutions for your data, Nortal can save you money and create efficiencies in rewriting a legacy application.

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Nortal has a long track record of extracting critical insights from data, finding new angles that go beyond the standard analysis mindset. Using methods such as regression analysis, decision trees, machine learning and more, we can help you both understand your business challenges and overcome them.



Strictly compliant in data protection and consumer privacy, Nortal enforces California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protecting your customer’s personal data.