Supply Chain Planning and Operations

Supply Chain Planning and Operations solutions let you orchestrate the entire supply chain by using real-time data, simulations and optimization to balance supply and demand. We shift the state of your business from reactive firefighting into proactive and optimized value chain management.


Increase agility with seamless supply chain

Meet ever-changing demands with a full overview of the entire value chain. With the Supply Chain Planning (SCP) solution, we interconnect various stakeholders and processes to ensure perfect ‘Just in Time’ delivery every time. This allows you to manage your supply chain according to your company’s strategy and optimize the total cost for each shipment. Additionally, the what-if simulations will provide you with insight into possible demand-and-supply scenarios — from rush orders to production breakdown or potential problems with the train schedule. As a result, improvement in accuracy and viability will dramatically affect profitability.


We cover the entire value chain

Streamline production via 24/7 real-time overview

We are building modern, state-of-the-art information systems that fully synchronize and digitalize your manufacturing processes. With systems simulation and visual management, we provide the tools to make the best decisions in a rapidly changing business and production environment. This includes quick and effective mitigation of the impact of rush orders, machine breaks, raw material shortages, operator sick leave or changes in demand. The Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solution helps optimize resources by linking material usage and multi-level resource restrictions and combining that with planning and sequencing rules. It is the best way to make your processes leaner, shorten lead times significantly and use your resources more efficiently.

Improve your on-time performance

The specific needs of businesses call for tailored solutions that cover the precise requirements for both the inbound and outbound logistics of process industries as well as for port operations. The smooth transition of goods — each with specific handling requirements, such as oil, metals and wood — expects full control to get them to their destination on time.
We will take your logistics to a new level with real-time monitoring of batch conditions and quality, both at the terminal and on delivery trucks, automated integration of test results from external labs, route planning and guidance for multiple deliveries and instantaneous billing.

Case study

Kontio’s journey: 5 steps to lean production

Kontio, the world’s largest log home manufacturer, was struggling with a high seasonal fluctuation of demand.  To maintain their high level of service, they needed become more agile to adapt to different market scenarios. Kontio partnered with Nortal to modernize its production planning and take a huge step toward the lean philosophy.

Case study

Oil terminal management made seamless

Faced with the complex challenges of today’s oil landscape, our customer, a leading European oil company, wanted to achieve the highest levels of operational efficiency. Nortal put them at the leading edge of automation with a next-generation Terminal and Delivery Management System (TDMS).

Outokumpu: Casting perfect steel
Case Study

Reducing smelting time in steel melt shop

Outokumpu, a world leader in stainless steel, competes with their ability to create the most streamlined process to cast steel. Nortal took them one step further.

case study

Lindström: Productivity soars thanks to Nortal's Industry 4.0 solution

Would you like to get replacements for your workwear within a couple of days? Thanks to Nortal, Lindström’s garment manufacturing lead time is down from weeks to one day.

Supply chain planning and operations

Harness the full potential of digital supply chain

Nortal has more than 35 years of experience with leading industries. We help global enterprises to find the best solution for a lean and seamless supply chain, while taking into account their operational strategy and possibilities of digitalization. Our principle is to be transparent in our processes. We iterate together to find the suitable supply chain solution to match your industry and your company’s needs.


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Ergin Tuganay

Ergin Tuganay

Partner, Head of Data & IoT

Ergin Tuganay, Partner and Head of Data & IoT at Nortal, has 15+ years of experience in a wide range of areas in industrial automation and data-driven technology. By combining a business development and leadership background, he has helped several global-scale industrial clients digitalize their...