Quality Management

The fundamental basis for any manufacturing or logistics operation is good quality material. A quality management system (QMS) is software specifically designed for the meticulous management of quality.


Many companies, quality checks mean slow and manual processes with information regarding what to check, when to check and how to check spread across many places. Often information regarding the quantity of good quality material actually available is hard to get. These issues negatively impact accurate production planning. The purpose of the QMS is to manage input and output checks, monitoring and checking adherence to specified rules set by quality department. The results and availability are monitored and reported in real-time. Integrate the QMS together with MES and WMS to make quality management a seamless part of the whole manufacturing and logistics process.


How can Nortal help with Quality Management?

The Quality Management System is an essential part of Industry 4.0. This because the further down the line bad quality material goes to production, the more expensive it is to correct. Especially if – in the worst case scenario – it reaches the customer. Nortal delivers the QMS system as a stand-alone solution or integrated to WMS and MES solutions, thus fully utilizing its benefits.

Software Suite for Manufacturing Execution

Aimtec DCIxQMS

DCIxQMS (Quality Management System) is a system for quality management. Its purpose is the definition, monitoring and checking of adherence to specified rules, which are set by the quality department.

DCIxQMS allows dividing suppliers and material products into groups based on rules followed during the input check. The check can be static or dynamic (skipping lot inspection). The system saves data for the subsequent evaluation and supplier reliability control. A register logs monitored values in the form of quality documents. You also use DCIxQMS to quality check processes in semi-finished production and output checks. The system also collects the results using scanners, tablets, or fixed stations.


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