Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance (PdM) increases production volume, reduces costs and boosts quality through near-real-time data analysis and automated decision-making.


Predicting productivity

Predictive maintenance has quickly emerged as a leading Industry 4.0 use case for manufacturers and asset managers. With this method, manufacturers are able to schedule repairs or replacements exactly when it is needed. And if implemented correctly, manufacturers tend to achieve near 100% operational uptime for their equipment. This makes PdM the perfect trade-off between productivity, cost, and uptime.


How can Nortal help?

Nortal helps industries win at the industrial data game. More accurate and comparable data from different parts of the production process allows an enterprise to understand how to improve production, decrease waste and even find new business models.

Our solutions help asset-centric industrial companies increase uptime, decrease costs, and reduce operational risks. Solutions are hosted securely on an industry-grade cloud or they can alternatively be deployed on premises at your site.

We help our customers evaluate and choose the best overall solution to fit current state and future strategy for digitalization and IoT. We combine strong business and technological competency to guide you through the whole journey.


The journey to smart manufacturing

The journey to Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing is not something that you immediately master; you need a foundation first. Having a holistic data strategy that interconnects data from different sources is the first step towards the world of predictive analytics.

How to win the industrial data game

Industry 4.0

How to win the industrial data game

The most expensive resource in the world, data, can give any organization a significant competitive edge. Find out how your factory can be sure you’re taking advantage of the full potential of your data.


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