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Port Operations

The smooth transition of a wide range of cargoes, each with their own specific handling and storage requirements, pass through the world’s ports and terminals every day, all under strict control to get them to their destination on time.


Harbors are knot-spots in logistical chains, where imported and exported goods change transport modes. Transportations get reallocated, containers and trailers are temporarily stored and border crossings take place. Port Operations Management includes modules for industrial production and management, of materials, logistics, transportation and orders. Hence, its aim is to help harbor operators build cost-effective business models and run operations more efficiently. We have developed customer-specific software and platform-based solutions for several terminal operators. These solutions increase their efficiency and make them more cost-effective. They also reduce manual operations significantly.


How can Nortal help with Port Operations?

Our solution integrates data and material flows between the harbor operator and its clients. As a result, they can avoid intermediate depots and get their cargo as directly as possible. A real-time flow system manages container storage very effectively by monitoring the cargo online to optimize incoming and outgoing container flows. The leading harbor operators in Finland depend on Nortal as a reliable partner for more efficient operations and cost-effective business models. The Port of Tallinn, Estonia also uses Nortal’s ticket system and Smart Harbour service. They use it in order to load and unload passengers and vehicles onto ferries.


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Pasi Anttila

Pasi Anttila

Partner, Lead Business Consultant

Pasi Anttila's, chief architect at Nortal, biggest passion is to make industries work better. With 20 years of experience in business process consulting, software architecture design, method development, software specification, analysis, design, implementation and testing. Pasi Anttila is the go-to guy for those who need to digitalize their processes and production. To see what he can do for your organization, get in touch with him via email.