Manufacturing Execution

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is the cockpit from which you can monitor and control all the activities on the factory floor. Combined with Industrial IoT, Big Data and advanced analytics, MES brings your manufacturing to a new level.


Connecting the shop floor to the top floor

Smarter manufacturing starts with knowing what is happening on your factory floor. We will provide you with real-time datafrom machines, materials and people in the production process — to help you control and optimize manufacturing execution. Additionally, integration and automated data exchange with production assets will enable building new type of solutions that significantly boost productivity. As a result, work orders are completed more efficiently and there is less waste in material flow. With detailed control and quicker response times to changes, production becomes more cost-effective and lead times become shorter.


Data-based decision-making

MES implementation brings about significant changes to processes. Most importantly, accurate data from MES makes further decision-making and forecasting in business more grounded in reliable data. While becoming increasingly embedded in the world of Industrial IoT, MES brings your manufacturing to a new level, allowing you to predict, adapt, and react more quickly and effectively than ever before.

By 2024, 50% of MES solutions will include industrial IoT (IIoT) platforms synchronized with microservices-based manufacturing operations management (MOM) apps, providing near-real-time transaction management, control, data collection and analytics.
— Gartner "Magic Quadrant for Manufacturing Execution Systems," Rick Franzosa, 29 October 2019
Case study

Reducing smelting time in steel melt shop

Outokumpu, a world leader in stainless steel, competes with their ability to create the most streamlined process to cast steel. Nortal took them one step further.

Case study

Lindström: Productivity soars thanks to Nortal's Industry 4.0 solution

Would you like to get replacements for your workwear within a couple of days? Thanks to Nortal, Lindström’s garment manufacturing lead time is down from weeks to one day.

Manufacturing Execution System

Bridging the gap in the manufacturing process

With more than 35 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, Nortal delivers best-in-class MES solutions. We help our clients analyze their as-is manufacturing processes, envision a to-be state with a clear step-by-step roadmap and tailor a suitable MES solution to support the journey. Further, we simplify solution design by using a Domain-Driven approach (DDD) and using customer domain concepts, regardless of the data origin, while maintaining the integrity of the whole system.

Manufacturing Execution System

One size does not fit all

Based on careful analysis of unique needs, our certified specialists design and implement MES solutions by combining best-of-breed standard products and customer-specific features, using API-driven architecture. We distinctively base our next-generation MES solutions on a hybrid approach where both on-prem edge and cloud components play an important role; edge providing secure integration gateways, low-latency and offline-capable solutions; whereas the cloud provides agility with rich and modern applications and scalable resources for storage and computing.


I'm very happy. I would absolutely recommend others work with Nortal. The factory is performing way above our expectations. We had very tough targets and goals, and we've exceeded them all.
— Jarmo Vahtervuo

Business development and lean executive at Lindström


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Ahti Rossi

Ahti Rossi

Project Manager and Domain Expert

Ahti Rossi, MES solution owner and project manager at Nortal, has 20+ years experience in manufacturing IT projects in the mining & metals, paper and food industry. He is skilled in Process Control and WMS, GE Proficy, OSISoft PI as well as custom software development...