Digital Oil and Energy

Digital technologies are transforming the oil and gas industry from production to refining. Operations spanning multiple regions, with heavy capital investments and extended supply chains are ready for the leap towards operational efficiency and sustainability.


Modern technological innovations make it possible to step into a new era in oil and energy production with lower costs, exceptional efficiency, uncompromising sustainability and better productivity than ever before. So the challenge is choosing the correct solutions to support business strategy and management. Mining data to produce business intelligence creates key insights in order to improve oil production, energy distribution, and oil shale excavation. The next step is to use the insights in a system that is configured to optimize concrete, physical supply chain operations. Leaders, whose companies move towards digital oil and energy production processes will be ready to seize new revenue streams and conceive new business models.


How can Nortal help with Digital Oil and Energy?

Nortal’s solutions support companies throughout the whole process of energy production, distribution and sales.

In oil refining, our competence covers:

  • Sea transportation, monitoring and management
  • Refinery on-site material flow management
  • Distribution, tanker trucks
  • Sales (wholesale) & sourcing, Oil products and renewal
  • Retail sales, card transactions
  • Production and planning
  • Warehousing and road transportations, terminal operations.

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Pasi Anttila

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