Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) is the pacemaker of a factory or manufacturing facility. With it, raw materials and production capacity can be allocated optimally to meet demand. It is the best way to make your processes leaner.


Benefits beyond conventional business 

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) is the interpreter between production, operations and business systems. Using APS significantly shortens lead time. You can also lower your inventories, streamline material flow and use your resources more efficiently.

Modern APS solutions synchronize the pace and create a feasible plan for the whole chain. The planning tool models close to 100% of the production processes and restrictions allowing to produce a viable plan for every single resource.


How can Nortal help?

Nortal’s APS solutions put just-in-time (JIT) philosophy into practice. It creates schedules that fully integrate sales, manufacturing and purchasing into one process. You can visualize, optimize and simulate conditions in production. You can make correct decisions beforehand, while taking into account deadlines, available capacity and costs.

With the bird’s eye view of the entire supply chain and production you can elevate your business, increase production per year with the same manufacturing capacity and speed up the the lead-time by 50%.


Resilience and reliability

Nortal’s APS solutions provide agility for future industrial developments, improved data management, with reduced costs and increased efficiency. Our solutions will ensure that your enterprise keeps pace, using next-generation technologies to make your operations smarter, safer and more sustainable.

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Casting perfect steel is about the timing

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