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Optimize supply chain operations and get them in line with your business strategy

The fluctuating nature of the changing global market requires flexibility.

Supply chain operations are the hundreds of tasks that happen every day in a company that deals with physical goods. Behind all the operations sits the supply chain strategy that guides them all. Matching the day-to-day operations to the long-term view requires a clear view of what is happening every step of the way and flexibility when things don’t go according to plan, because of fluctuating demand or capacity restraints.

Supply chain planning (SCP) has become an art form for meeting ever-changing demands and optimizing all the processes involved. It can be painstaking at first, but an efficient supply chain is the difference between profit – and lost opportunities. We compiled a list of six questions to help out in scouting what your current supply chain situation is and if there is something you should look out for. This white paper highlights several obstacles and deficiencies one might have in their supply chain planning process.

Please fill out the form in order to download a free white paper on 6 things to ask yourself about Supply Chain Planning and learn more about how Nortal can visualize and plan your supply chain operations.

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Janne Juloa

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