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Choosing the right manufacturing systems with Nortal

Flexible manufacturing systems with versatile features are the key to efficient, predictive production in any manufacturing facilities.

Landing - WP - Benefits of MES

Organizing production requires systems to monitor assembly lines, automated equipment and engineers. One of the most important manufacturing systems, the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) collects data in real-time from machines, material and people optimizing the production process. This results in increased productivity as work orders are completed more efficiently and there is less waste in material flow.

With detail level control and shorter response time to changes, lead times in production become shorter. Production also becomes more cost-effective. Nortal’s systems offer a variety of features like electronic work orders, standard operating procedures and time series data to see the history of the your processes.

Please fill out the form in order to download a free white paper on The benefits of adding Manufacturing Execution Systems to your ERP and learn more about how Nortal can help you improve your manufacturing systems.

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