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What is the difference between Make-to-order, Make-to-stock, Assemble-to-order, and Configure-to-order?

With the right planning tool you can have the right supply chain method for every customer.

Make-to-order (MTO):
products are made entirely after the receipt of a customer order.

Make-to-stock (MTS):
products are created before receipt of a customer order.

Assemble-to-order (ATO):
products are assembled from components after the receipt of a customer order.

Configure-to-order (CTO):
products are assembled and configured based on customer requirements.

Engineer-to-order (ETO):
customer specifications require unique engineering design, significant customization, or new purchased materials.

There are plenty of ways you can meet the demands that customers require of you. With Supply Chain Planning (SCP), you can coordinate between production, operations and business systems. You can also lower your inventories, streamline material flow and use your resources more efficiently. Raw materials and production capacity can be allocated optimally to meet global market demand.

Supply chain planning has become an art form for meeting ever-changing demands and optimizing all the processes involved. It can be painstaking at first, but an efficient supply chain is the difference between profit – and lost opportunities.

Please fill out the form in order to download a free white paper on 6 things to ask yourself about Supply Chain Planning and learn more about how Nortal can help you bypass your bottlenecks.

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