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Just-in-time – the art of the supply chain

First developed in Japan, Just-in-time (JIT) – instead of just-in-case – is the manufacturing concept of cutting waste by supplying parts only as and when the process required them. JIT eliminates the need for each stage in the production process to hold buffer stocks, which results in huge savings.

Nortal’s APS solutions put just-in-time (JIT) philosophy into practice. It creates schedules that fully integrate sales, manufacturing and purchasing into one process. You can visualize, optimize and simulate conditions in production. You can make correct decisions beforehand, while taking into account deadlines, available capacity and costs, thus planning your supply chain well before things turn critical.

Supply chain planning has become an art form for meeting ever-changing demands and optimizing all the processes involved. It can be painstaking at first, but an efficient supply chain is the difference between profit – and lost opportunities.

Please fill out the form in order to download a free white paper on 6 things to ask yourself about Supply Chain Planning and learn more about how Nortal can help you bypass your bottlenecks.

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Janne Juloa

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