Census is one of the most important surveys states conduct. At the same time it might easily be one of the most expensive ones. Automation helps with reducing the cost drastically and validating the data the countries base their most eminent decisions on.


Measuring the pulse of the population

The data collected during census is input for a myriad of planning decisions on local, regional, country or even wider level. There is never enough high quality data for planning and decision making. One obstacle of acquiring more data more often is the cost of collection and processing. To this day, census in many countries means going door-to-door filling in long questionnaires. And after a long data collection period the data needs to be validated, processed and turned into usable statistics for decision-making.


Data for decision-making

Nortal can drastically reduce the cost and timeliness of census and thus enable to potentially run census more often than once in a decade. Nortal’s census automation solution is one of a kind, easy to deploy and allows for both the registry based census and the eCensus.

Nortal was the technological partner of Estonia’s first eCensus in 2011 and recently helped a customer in the GCC region to set up required procedures and systems for registry based census in a short time period.



of time is saved with registry based census

100M +

records processed


different data sources


The future of census

The future of census is real-time registry based census where the pulse of the population can be measured at any given moment from local and national registers. This future is not accessed easily and it will not happen with one single digitalization reform. It will be a step-by-step process building registers, improving data quality;,cross-referencing, real-time and fully automated queries to collect data.


The convenience of eCensus

Quite often it might not be fully feasible as electronic registers do not contain all required data or data accuracy is not sufficient for census purposes. To address this problem Nortal have developed eCensus that enables people to fill in a census questionnaire by themselves at a time most convenient to them.

eCensus helps to

    • save on manpower
    • validate and digitalize.

Registry based census

It is a set of tools and methodologies to ingest data in various available registers, perform initial data validations, cross reference data, anonymize data and make it ready for statistical processing. Data flows through various stages and before it gets anonymized it is heavily protected against any data leaks.


This is a set of tools to design census questionnaires, pre-fill with existing data as much as possible, publish questionnaires and store answers submitted. Collected data flows through similar data pipeline where it gets validated, anonymized and processed.

Statistics production

A toolset that helps to generate and publish statistical reports from processed data.


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Tomy Bosco

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