Nortal's expertise

Tax Administration and Revenue Collection

Nortal has 30 years of experience in creating the most efficient and innovative tax solutions in the world.

Taxes greatly determine a country’s economic performance. At Nortal, tax is our specialty and we have been building successful vertically integrated tax systems for decades. We are uniquely positioned to carry you through the whole process from consulting to change management to technological implementation and services.

Partner to tax authorities around the world

Nortal is a partner to countries with the world’s top competitive tax systems (OECD Tax Competitiveness Index 2019). We have supported Finland in innovating its tax systems for over 30 years. For more than 15 years we have transformed the Tax and Customs Board in Estonia, where now 96% of taxes are filed online. And since 2014 Nortal has helped Oman introduce electronic tax filing and now most of the taxes are filed 100% electronically in Oman.


Strategic approach to technology

Great tax solutions can not happen without strategy and change. Nortal can advise tax authorities on both strategical, operational and technological level. Thanks to our close relationship and cooperation with various government partners, we have the ability to use expertise unattainable within just the IT service industry. Our technology is built as a tax solution – not just to operate systems but solve complicated tax problems.


Technology that wins you over

Nortal has been a trusted partner to many tax authorities for more than a decade. We believe in partnership and building better tax systems together. Our solutions are built using Nortal’s vertically integrated tax management suite and the most advanced tools. The user-centric design makes declaring and paying taxes understandable, stress-free and easy, and from our experience elsewhere in the world, it’s the key to high levels of compliance.
Finnish Customs

Best experts on board

At Nortal, we are proud of our close relationship and cooperation with various government partners. As a result, we have some of the best tax experts in the world working at Nortal. Before joining Nortal as the General Manager of the GCC and Africa, Marek Helm was the  visionary leader of Estonia’s Tax and Customs board, an organisation that has led the digital transformation by example in Estonia. Under Marek Helm’s management Estonian Tax and Customs Board was  reformed into a service-oriented organization. It was recognized as one of the best performing tax institutions in Europe and one of the Top 5 most trusted government organizations in Estonia.


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