Budget management

Proper organization of public finances can lead to profound improvements and is crucial to ensuring that your country comes out on top in the global race. Nortal can help transform a country’s budget management to an efficient and a transparent system.


Backbone of the economy

The challenge of budget management is to balance short term needs with long term goals. The government expenditure, resource mobilization and revenue management form the backbone of the economy. The efficiency and transparency of the budget cycle is what makes the difference between economic growth and decay.


Work with the best

Nortal is skilled in fiscal policymaking, business consultancy, change management, service design and innovative IT solutions. This unique combination allows Nortal to steer strategic transformation programs, delivering innovation and impact across the globe. Nortal’s approach to budget management is focused on stimulating business environment and improving government revenue collection and providing the state with strategic transparency and visibility for dealing better with the economic cycles.

Saving billions with public finance management

Government Finance

Saving billions with public finance management

Nortal built Nigeria’s Government Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS), which has already helped the country save more than 7 billion euros.


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Andres Raieste

Andres Raieste

Partner and Chief Project Officer

Andres Raieste has conceptualized and executed large-scale digital transformation projects in Europe, Middle East and Africa. He is an expert in team topologies, in building vertically integrated cross-functional teams, managing global distributed delivery, product management and PMOs.