Online activity licensing

Certain economic activities involve substantial risks and therefore require strict legal regulation and state control. Nortal can help achieve this in an easy way for business.


Our experience shows that licensing – especially online activity licensing – procedures can be very confusing for investors. In many cases they fail to safeguard public interest.

Two main mechanisms can simplify licensing

  • Reviewing the objectives and reasoning of each and every license. It is quite common that licenses do not fit their purpose. In other cases they are required only because of information gathering or historical reasons that do not matter any longer.
  • Moving from ex-ante to ex-post regulation wherever reasonable and practicable.

Activity licenses should be issued only to existing companies. In addition, to transfer licences from one company to another is forbidden.


How can Nortal help with online activity licensing

Nortal will provide high level consulting for law drafting on licensing. There should be a single legal act which establishes general conditions and procedures for licensing.

Company registration and issuing activity license should be kept separate legally, but technically all the procedures can be done online in Business Portal 24/7.

Nortal will provide change management for the process as well as all the necessary software solutions needed for a successful Business Portal.


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