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Digital 24/7 business register

Think of a world where entrepreneurs can establish a legally valid company online by providing all necessary documentation to the register electronically and signed digitally. Company name can be checked from integrated trademark register in order to avoid naming conflicts.


When a company is registered all signatories of the business are made public online. Entrepreneurs can always change the signatories at any time by sending digitally signed notices to the digital 24/7 business register. Changes will then appear in the public database within minutes. This will help to reduce fraud significantly.

In order to speed up registration, standardized articles of association are provided by the Register.

International classification for commercial activities is used in the registration process, as well as in further licensing and data processing.

Simple step-by-step videos for all e-services are provided.

Notaries or other certified legal professionals should be entitled to help people who cannot or do not want to use e-services.


How can Nortal help?

Nortal can help you make this happen. We provide high level political and legal consulting in order to set up a legal framework that will enable companies to register online. This includes regulations for digital signatures, transparent business registers and data protection.

Nortal will also guide you through the change management process, ensuring a smooth shift from paper to a digital business register.

Nortal will provide all the necessary software solutions in order to adopt to the new era of business registration.


The pillars of Digital 24/7 Business Register