Electronic Identity

In a digital age, reliable electronic identity is one of the keys to successful e-services — for both governments and private sector vendors. Nortal delivers the technology, policies and regulations that allow electronic identities to function and flourish.


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Nortal played a vital role in developing the groundbreaking eID program used in Estonia. We have also assisted Dubai’s government in setting up the vision and roadmap for a next-generation electronic identity and signature solution. We support the provision of all components necessary for the successful implementation of eID, from authentication and digital signature to legislative reform.


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Nortal has long-term experience in building and managing national digital authentication models. Our approach will provide a data privacy-oriented and reliable solution that will guarantee the required level of security and improvement of operational efficiency for both private and public entities. Nortal has brought world class e-Government and eID specific knowledge, experience, and capability as a quality delivery partner to several government institutions.



of Estonians have an ID-card

5 days

per year saved with digital signatures


of Estonian GDP saved a year

Digital Signature and Identity Ecosystem

Holistic approach

Digital Signature and Identity Ecosystem

Digital Signature and Identity Ecosystem is an easily adoptable user-centric framework of legal regulations and infrastructure that enables organizations and governments to conduct legally binding transactions anywhere, anytime on any device.

Smart-ID: Advanced electronic identity goes mobile

Electronic Identity

Smart-ID: Advanced electronic identity goes mobile

In the Baltic states, the push to develop a new eID solution for online banking resulted in something far more powerful: an ultra-secure, mobile-based system for authentication and digital signing that requires no special SIM card. It can be adopted by any online service provider, is free for users and naturally, has caught on like wildfire.

4 things to make your eID project a success

Electronic Identity

4 things to make your eID project a success

In the competitive world of the Internet of Things, the demand for a fully functioning electronic identity (eID) has become more pressing than ever. As more and more people have access to the internet, and the need for electronic identity grows exponentially, it is crucial to adopt a proactive approach. Your citizens or your clients are expecting to communicate with the state or do business via electronic channels. Users have to be able to authenticate and sign documents digitally, and it is in your power to offer them the means to do so.

Kalevi Tammistu

Kalevi Tammistu

eID Account Manager

With more than 15 years in the industry, Kalevi Tammistu knows that the successful implementation depends on the balanced and systematic development of four pillars: legal regulation, technological infrastructure, value adding e-services and changing human behavior.

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