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Digital Government

In a fast-paced world where many things can be achieved by a simple click, governments have to keep up. Nortal is a digital transformation provider with a profound experience in creating user-centric services.


Government as a service

People of all age groups are increasingly accustomed to shopping with a click, ordering a taxi from an app or paying bills from wherever they are. Increasingly, we are applying the same expectations to government services. Nortal has planned and implemented over 40% of Estonia’s digital disruption, which means we have unique experience building a digital, seamless society. Being true digital governance trailblazers, Estonian establishments can help other governments achieve the same. Nortal has successfully exported its expertise to countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We know how difficult this change can be, but we also know how much value it creates.


Prerequisites of digital society

To create groundbreaking government services and shape the way your society works, one must first set up the following pillars on which the digital society can stand.


Becoming a truly digital society takes two steps

1. Creating the building blocks for digital government. Electronic identity and signature, and data exchange and registry modernization are essential to increase citizen satisfaction and eliminate inefficiencies in the administration through adept, user-friendly and simple interactions. This requires rethinking processes and designing a solution that could be widely adopted. Nortal has been doing this as long as we have existed. We can build cornerstone solutions and advise how to make them work.

Creating domain-specific e-services. The foundation for a digital society enables us to build sophisticated e-services based on machine-readable data and automation to help governments and citizens save time and money. Nortal takes this notion to another level. We have the unique experience of building e-services ahead of their time, like proactive government services. We help governments change their perspective, imagine what is possible and achieve the full potential of digitalization.

Why build a digital government

Electronic Identity

Why build a digital government

Governments globally are facing a huge challenge – exponentially, all around the world people are expecting interactions with the state to take place online. Even more so, citizens are expecting governments to treat them as valued customers whose user experience matters. Mastering the transition from paper to digital is a complex process, but some countries are already taking leaps toward a truly seamless society and with their interactions with citizens to the next level.


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