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Lassen Sie uns gemeinsam an einer innovativen neuen Idee arbeiten. Wir teilen gerne unsere Erfahrung und unser Wissen mit Ihnen. Nehmen Sie Kontakt auf!


Karin Tikerpe

Karin Tikerpe

Service Design Lead

Karin has MSc in User Experience Design. She has worked on UX design projects across various domains from health insurance and tax systems to private and public sector services. Her strong side is her analytical mind and the ability to connect users' needs with business requirements.
Aleksandr Beliaev

Aleksandr Beliaev

Senior UI Developer

Aleksandr Beliaev, Senior UI Developer at Nortal, is an enthusiastic explorer of anything that concerns user interfaces. Backed by considerable experience in digital design and teaching, he’s a strong proponent of usability and accessibility in both UIs and physical environments. Aleksander’s current work focuses on...