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Lassen Sie uns gemeinsam an einer innovativen neuen Idee arbeiten. Wir teilen gerne unsere Erfahrung und unser Wissen mit Ihnen. Nehmen Sie Kontakt auf!


Jana Viia

Jana Viia

Head of NUX, Design

Jana Viia, Head of NUX at Nortal, is passionate about creating the best possible user experiences. She is a great listener and project manager – creative and well organized. She can analyze customer needs and translate their vision into results with a meaningful impact for end users. Get in touch with her to find out how you can build seamless experiences for your end users!
Helen Kokk

Helen Kokk

User Experience und Service Design Lead

Helen Kokk, User Experience und Service Design Lead bei Nortal, hat fast 15 Jahre Erfahrung mit User Experience und User Interface Design. Sie hat eine Leidenschaft für Unternehmertum, Branding und Identität. Kokk hat Kunden bei zahlreichen Gelegenheiten geholfen, ihre Herangehensweise an die UI und UX für ihre Dienstleistungen zu überdenken und würde sich freuen, das Gleiche für Sie zu tun.
Mari-Liis Kärsten

Mari-Liis Kärsten

UI/UX Designer

Mari-Liis has over eight years of experience as a designer, she has worked on mobile game graphics, branding and identity. Her main focus is now on information system interfaces, designing user experiences and their visual appearance.
Karin Salu

Karin Salu

Senior UX Analyst

Karin is Senior UX Analyst with MSc in User Experience Design. She has worked on UX design projects across various domains from health insurance and tax systems to private and public sector services. Her strong side is her analytical mind and the ability to connect users' needs with business requirements and to materialize it into visual design. She believes that listening to end-users and understanding their characteristics is the key to building forward-looking UX.
Maria Laanejärv

Maria Laanejärv

UI/UX designer

Maria is User Experience and User Interface Designer at Nortal. She is passionate about collecting, researching, investigating and evaluating user requirements. Therefore, she is a key player when it comes to developing international digital products and services that require seamless user experience. Maria is truly fascinated by the whole process of developing an application or a website.