Teach your Niche with Nortal

Serverless: The key to faster deployments


In our second installment of Teach your Niche, Nortal North America’s Chief Architect, Gabe Hicks and Solutions Architect, Nathan Skone, discuss the capabilities of serverless technology and how it can help your development team. This podcast is in English.

Part 1: How can you effectively leverage serverless? [0:00 – 16:06]

  • What does serverless mean to software developers?
  • What are the prime use cases of serverless?
  • What are some instances where you wouldn’t want to use serverless?
  • Project examples of what went well and what didn’t.

Part 2: Where is serverless going? [16:15 – 27:27]

  • Why do you think serverless popularity is increasing?
  • How serverless can help enterprises.
  • Where do you get started in bringing serverless practices into a company?
  • How do you see serverless impacting developers in the future?

Tools Mentioned:

AWS Lambda
Google Cloud Functions
Azure Functions
Git Repository
Apache Spark
SAM Framework
Google Firebase
AWS Amplify
Spring Boot
AWS Redshift
Docker Images

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Thought Leaders

Gabe Hicks

Gabe Hicks