Bringing seamless processes to Sweden’s public sector

From November 12th to 14th, Nortal will be in Göteborg, Sweden at Kvalitetsmässen – the public sector’s most important forum for inspiration and development.



Meet us at booth B04:01!

Nortal is honored to introduce our experience in digital healthcare and e-governance to Sweden.

Governments globally are facing a huge challenge – exponentially, all around the world people are expecting interactions with the state to take place online. Even more so, citizens are expecting governments to treat them as valued customers whose user experience matters. Mastering the transition from paper to digital is a complex process, but some countries are already taking leaps toward a truly seamless society and their interactions with their citizens to the next level. Estonia is one example – the first country in the world to introduce proactive services.

Healthcare is also at the crossroads of major challenges brought on by aging population and increased prevalence of chronic disease globally. However, the sector’s digitalization is still lagging behind even though it could benefit largely from the digital revolution that enables higher efficiency, better services, new solutions and more patient engagement.

Nortal has 20 years of experience in digitalizing governments and  healthcare institutions in Finland, Estonia, the GCC region as well as creating change in businesses in the Nordics, Europe and U.S. Combining that with the unique experience of transforming Estonia into a digital leader, our vision is to build a seamless society.


Meet our experts at Kvalitetsmässen!

Jonas Ander

Jonas Ander

CEO, Sweden

Jonas Ander, Chief Marketing Officer at Nortal, is arguably the person responsible for introducing marketing automation to Scandinavia. His company, Element, was acquired by Nortal in 2016 and he’s served as our Chief Marketing Officer ever since. He is Nortal's go-to source for information on...
Peeter Smitt

Peeter Smitt

Business Area Director

Peeter Smitt has developed a unique perspective on business through his work in multiple countries in Europe and the Middle East. Most of his experience is related to defining, selling and building eGovernment and eGovernance programs. He understands business challenges as well as the opportunities...