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Domain name (thin page)

This is a Hero component. On domain pages the Hero type is Primary and the media is a video. The text here should be about 200 characters. It should in a compelling way tell what the whole domain is about – the challenge, the solution, the impact, Nortal’s uniqueness all in a very small nutshell. Read more about the Hero component from HERE.


A catchy headline

This is a Base content component. The text here should be about 400 characters.

If you want to write longer, then you can, but use headlines and insert supporting images (not illustrative, but actually supportive) to break up the text a little.

In case of longer text you can also use a new content slide (it will rotate the slides at a speed you can regulate yourself) or a new base content component.

The text here is basically our value proposition and offering. It includes: our domain, our uniqueness, the challenges we are helping customers to solve, our approach and our experience. Read more about base content component from HERE.

Why build a digital government


Why build a digital government

Governments globally are facing a huge challenge – exponentially, all around the world people are expecting interactions with the state to take place online. Even more so, citizens are expecting governments to treat them as valued customers whose user experience matters. Mastering the transition from paper to digital is a complex process, but some countries are already taking leaps toward a truly seamless society and with their interactions with citizens to the next level.


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