Ease of Doing Business

In markets where access to information is effortless and regulations straightforward, economic development flourishes. Nortal partners with governments to bolster business through intelligent public administration.


Challenging convention

Today’s entrepreneurs think and move faster, challenging convention. Our advances in technology drive the speed of doing business. Regulations must also advance to keep pace and reap the greatest company dividends. When business incorporation is made quick and easy, economic activity increases and investments flow more freely. Nortal partners with governments to maximize entrepreneurial satisfaction through civil efficiency. Our cost-effective public administration systems create a fertile environment for businesses to thrive.


Innovating for prosperity

Civil efficiency and entrepreneurial satisfaction go hand in hand. We draw on our deep experience in strategy, technology and legislative change management to deliver seamless solutions for all stakeholders. Thanks to our solutions, Oman made an unprecedented leap in the Ease of Doing Business Ranking in the World Bank’s Doing Business 2017 report, jumping 127 places in the category Starting a Business.



Digital 24/7 business registry

Think of a world where entrepreneurs can establish a legally valid company online by providing all necessary documentation to the registry electronically and signed digitally. A preferred company name can be crosschecked from the integrated trademark register to avoid naming conflicts.

Online activity licensing

Certain economic activities involve substantial risks and, therefore, require strict legal regulation and state control. Nortal can easily achieve this for businesses.


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