Nortal's Corporate Visual Identity

Nortal’s brand is based on certain values – things we believe in. Our visual identity is a set of elements, tools and rules that help to reflect those values in our everyday communications. Using them consistently will help our brand stand out in the market and our business to grow.



The objective of this page is to provide a basic overview of our brand and share essential assets for people who are responsible for working with Nortal’s brand. In this page you can find information about our logo, typography, colors, graphic elements and photography. For more detailed instructions, please contact marketing@nortal.com or click the „Request a file“ button below.

Nortal requires that any interpretations take into account the guidelines in this page and its established instructions, as well as the restrictions on graphics.



The logo is like a signature — it is the visual representation of our name. Learn how to use it in the correct way by following the guidelines. Composed of a sign, which can be used independently, and a logotype.


Logo construction

The font chosen for the construction of the Nortal logo is Aktiv Grotesk Bold, a simple and contemporary sans serif font with stylish curves and a pronounced space that complements the sign created for the brand identity.


Safe area

Always maintain the minimum safe area around the Nortal logo to maintain visual clarity and to provide maximum impact. The minimum safe area for the logo and the sign is equal to the size of letter N from logotype. This applies to positioning around other elements, as well as to the edges, trim and rules of the background field.

Minimum size

Refers to the smallest size at which the logo may be reproduced to ensure its legibility in any print or screen media.


Logo color variations

Each of the logo versions was put together, taking into consideration the different media, where the logo or the sign could be placed. Use each of them as indicated in the pictures. Use the black and white logo version only when it is necessary or four-color printing is not available. Always try to choose the version which creates maximum impact on the contrast between the back-ground and the logo.



The Nortal brand color is green. It is connected to our values and forms the basis of the identity system. It also stands for growth and fresh ideas. It is supported by several other primary colors and two secondary colors. Only the following colors should be used in Nortal’s communication. Please make sure to use the correct values for each color space.


Primary colors

Secondary colors



Typography is another key element of the Nortal brand in communications, in print, web, mobile and video environments. Like graphic elements, our typogra-phy keeps the brand consistent and recognizable. Nortal uses Roboto family to support all communication materials. In this section, you can find examples of how brand typography can be used.


Font family



All Nortal icons are custom-made and ready to be used in web, mobile and print media. We use a flat style with rounded corners and outlined shapes. Please contact marketing@nortal.com for icon sets.


Basic icons

Illustrated icons


Graphic Elements

There are two types of elements that can and should be used in all communication materials. These elements visualize the values, strategy and core of Nortal in the best way.

Wireframe element that reflects the digital transformation process, teamwork, technology and innovation, among other descriptive keywords. It works best as a background element.

Blob element, which is used together with headlines, infographics, profile images etc. It represents the core of a transformation processes.


Wireframe element & variations

Wireframe element can be used on different backgrounds. You can find the examples below.

Wireframe patterns

Wireframe element can be transformed to a background pattern which can be used across all media. The use of background patterns is intended to fill empty space in a subtle way and provide brand recognition. You can find examples below.


The Blob element

The Blob element draws attention to the most important messages that you would want to communicate. The Blob represents the core of the wireframe element, as well as, the final outcome of a transformation process. It also adds playfulness and creates consistency in the look and feel of Nortal brand. Whenever using Heading 1 as a headline on a branded material, use of the Blob element is required.




Nortal photographs and pictures should reflect the brand values and personality of our employees and customers working and living in a seamless society, while retaining the attributes of the Nortal identity.


Key Principles

Real & Natural

Avoid dramatic filters or unnatural photo manipulation, like effects, glows, dramatic filters that could change the color of the skin, futuristic interfaces, etc. Use natural lighting, do not overuse lights when taking a photograph or selecting a picture, avoid over-exposure or unnatural lighting. People should look real and authentic. Avoid any sense of the shot being staged or posed. Exceptions may be made when taking profile pictures.

Living in a Seamless Society

Photographs and pictures should have a story behind them, where the seamless society is present. People’s personalities and emotions should reflect the benefits of a seamless society (ease of living, transparency, etc.). Actual technology. Avoid a sci-fi feeling.

Nortal Green

As Nortal Green is the primary color throughout all communication it’s always a great idea to find similar tone elements on the background when taking a photo. Use green to enhance the backstory and highlight elements, but make sure not to overuse it. Always remember to have balance between staged and natural feel of the environment.


Keep it free of disorganized and complicated elements. Use simple compositions. Balance photography with brand elements.

Examples of photography




The following section contains branded applications examples from print and digital media. For templates or printing files, please contact marketing@nortal.com or just click the „Request a file“ button on top of the page.