Nortal makes leadership changes in Finland

May 31, 2021

The Board of Directors of multinational strategic change and technology company Nortal has appointed Harri Vepsäläinen, BBA (46) the Managing Director of Nortal Oy and the member of the Group Executive Board. Harri Vepsäläinen, who previously was Business Director for Intelligent Solutions and a member of the Group Management Team at Digia Plc, will start his new position at the beginning of September. Until then, Member of the Executive Board at Nortal Group, Andre Krull, will hold the position of the Interim Managing Director of Nortal in Finland.

“Harri Vepsäläinen has a long-term experience in managing and developing both consulting and service business and transforming the way we use digital services. He truly knows how data can be leveraged to re-shape the way companies operate and improve the daily lives of consumers. I’m confident he will make an excellent leader paving the way for Nortal’s future growth and entering the next development phase in Finland”, says Andre Krull.

Previous Managing Director at Nortal Oy, Harri Koponen has resumed a position as a Member of the Board of Directors of Nortal Oy.

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