Keep calm and have fun!

Katre Trei, April 20, 2020

In most countries, staying home and being socially distant is currently safer than living the „usual“ life that we are accustomed to. As our homes have become the place where we work, eat, train, have fun and socialize, it has become more difficult to have a good work–life balance. And sometimes it feels that days and weeks are merging into one very, very long workday.

It is more crucial than ever to remember that “having fun” is important too! That is exactly what we are here to do. We want to remind you that adding fun into your daily schedule should not be forgotten. Stretch yourself with morning yoga, enjoy board games with your family, organize a virtual game night with your team, tune-in to online concerts or go for a nature walk — do something that brings the sparkle back to your eyes!

For today’s daily dose of fun, we invite you to play BINGO!


How to play Nortal BINGO? Mark the activities you have done in the last month. You need to get five (5) completed squares in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. Once you get BINGO, share it with us on Instagram by tagging @Nortal_life.

Let those endorphins make you happy!



Katre Trei

Katre Trei

Die Veranstaltungsleiterin von Nortal

Katre Trei ist die (virtuelle) Veranstaltungsleiterin von Nortal. Katre unterstützt ganz Nortal bei der Entwicklung von Ideen und der vollständigen Durchführung von Aktivitäten. Mit ihrer sprudelnden Energie und ihrem Tatendrang, ihre Kollegen und Geschäftspartner zum Lächeln zu bringen, konzentriert sich Katre Trei in erster Linie...

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