Expecting to exceed the thousand-employee threshold in 2019

by Nortal HQ, December 21, 2018

In 2018, Nortal grew by approximately 35 percent and expect to keep a similar pace next year, taking on approximately three hundred new employees and exceeding a one-thousand-employees threshold in 2019, said Priit Alamäe, founder and CEO of Nortal in an interview with Geenius news portal.

Alamäe highlighted that the company’s fastest growing markets today are the U.S., Finland, Germany and Sweden, with Lithuanian and Serbian development centers also rapidly growing.

How quickly is Nortal currently developing?

We have grown around 35 percent this year, and next year we would like to keep this same pace. Nortal currently employs more than eight hundred people — and if everything goes as planned, by the end of next year, we will pass the milestone of one thousand employees.

You operate in various markets, including outside Europe. Where is growth the fastest?

Our fastest growing markets today are the United States, Finland, Germany and Sweden. In the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries and Estonia, we are expecting moderate growth with carefully chosen customers. Our Lithuanian and Serbian development centers are also rapidly growing.

An outsider might have the impression that it is impossible to find an IT employee in Estonia. How do you manage with that?

Nortal holds a unique global position, depending on our market share and our related relationships; as an employer, fortunately, we have an excellent reputation, and we can recruit highly qualified people everywhere.

In the Estonian market, people are looking for the best combination of challenge, variety, technological innovation, security and compensation.

Here, Nortal is definitely one of the best options: We build key systems for with hundreds of millions of customers, as well as the world’s best e-state, and this combination is difficult to find elsewhere.

Priit Alamäe

Priit Alamäe

Founder & CEO Nortal, Supervisory Board Chairman of Nortal AG

Priit Alamäe hat Nortal im Jahr 2000 als 22-jähriger Visionär gegründet. Mittlerweile hat sich die Firma zu einem multinationalen Unternehmen für strategischen Wandel und technologische Innovationen entwickelt, das nur ein Ziel verfolgt: transformative IT-Lösungen für Unternehmen, Behörden und ganze Länder in Europa, im Nahen Osten,...

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