Everyone has heard of cyber crime but what actually is it that cyber criminals want from your business?

As part of CyberScotland Week, Nortal is hosting a webinar on 27 February at 10am (GMT). Join Craig Kennedy (Nortal’s Head of Cyber Risk) and Henry Rõigas (Nortal’s Principal Threat Analyst) as they explore the following questions:

Why do so many businesses struggle to keep their digital assets safe?
Who are the threat actors, what are they trying to achieve and how do they operate?
How can cyber threat intelligence be used to pro-actively identify criminal activity and avoid cyber threats?
What impact will the war in Ukraine have on cyber security globally going forward?

The session will be 60 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.

This event is aimed at businesses of all sizes, particularly those that are interested in improving their pro-active cyber resilience to keep their digital assets safe.


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