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Make a meaningful impact.
Join Nortal.

We are proud of the multitude of society-changing services we have created ranging from the digitalization of Estonia's governmental services to increasing the competitiveness of Finnish industry to making Oman one of the fastest countries in the world in which to register a company. But most of all we are proud of our people, who make those differences – our seamless society builders.

Career opportunities

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What is it like
to work at Nortal?

We are about teamwork.

People first. We take it on ourselves to integrate our people into a community so you make friends at work, hang out together and learn from each other. After all, our culture is about people interacting with each other and trusting each other.

We are about openness and honesty.

Transparency allows us to trust our employees in order to deliver work on time whether or not they’ve worked a nine-to-five day. Everyone should be able to work at their own pace and be transparent about it. That way we’re all satisfied. As well as more productive.

We are about constant improvement.

Agile exploration sets us apart in our everyday work. Each day is a possibility to learn, experiment, and innovate.We offer a career path that is about developing skills and gaining experience. International assignments are possible and our projects range from multi-million dollar governmental projects to handy apps for nimble businesses. Our rewards and perks are in tune with how you are progressing towards your goals.

We are about making a meaningful impact.

Societal impact and looking to the future in our work is what we are all about. In essence, the services we provide for our clients are ultimately about changing how people work and live for the better – building a more seamless society.