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Dreaming about a career in IT? Now is the time to stop dreaming and start acting! Nortal is offering you a chance to challenge yourself far beyond limits of traditional education and immerse yourself in real-world projects at Nortal’s Winter University.


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Nortal Winter University

Unleash your potential

Winter University is a growth program designed and built on close collaboration and mentorship to be able to provide the best onboarding for young talent early in their careers. Therefore we also provide you with a support system with colleagues and a mentor who is always close by for guidance whenever you need it during your first months.


Real work in real projects with a real salary

From day one it is real work on real projects with a real salary. Meaning that as soon as you enter Winter University, you will be part of Nortal’s team of experts and get a chance to work on our projects and different tasks that create a meaningful impact.


Can anyone apply?

Anyone interested in the roles we’re offering, regardless of education or career background, is encouraged to apply. Our aim is to find savvy team players with a positive mindset, then teach them the technical skills necessary for the role. We see experience in other fields as an asset, not a hindrance!


What do we offer?

01 / 06

Full-stack IT training

02 / 06

Rewarding work on real-life projects

03 / 06

State-of-the-art equipment/tech

04 / 06

Flexible hours

05 / 06

Personal onboarding and mentorship

06 / 06

Salary from day one


Roadmap to Nortal Winter University

Step 1: Sign up

Nov 20 - Dec 20, 2020

The application process kicks off with a sign-up period that starts on 20th of November. This is your opportunity to let us know that you are interested to be part of Nortal Winter University. We expect you nothing but basic information to be able to send you the test assignment instructions and deadlines after the registration period.

Step 2: Test assignment

Dec 21, 2020 - Jan 10, 2021

This assignment is your golden opportunity to show us what you’ve got and solve similar issues that our teams work with every day. Don’t worry, you have enough time to challenge yourself and gain some additional knowledge if needed! We value your ability to learn. An online space will be set up for you to interact with each other and our team will also be standing by, ready to answer your questions.

Step 3: Virtual meetings

Jan 20 - Jan 22, 2021

Top performers in the test tasks are invited to virtual meetings to meet the hiring teams. This is our way of getting to know each other better before making a final decision and assigning you to a project. We want to get to know you as a person to see which team is a perfect match for you!

Step 4: Full-stack IT workout

Feb 16 - 19, 2021

Successful applicants begin Winter University with a contract, a salary and intensive full-stack onboarding process. Full-stack workout is where you’ll learn from the best of the best, develop networks among peers and receive the tools & preparation you’ll need for the job. This program is built on close collaboration and mentorship to be able to provide the best onboarding for you early in you career.

IT talent

Register until December 20, 2020!

Now is your chance to jump ahead of the summer hiring wave, become our colleague in Nortal and work with the industry’s best. The registration for Winter University ended on December 20th, but if you missed the deadline, but you are sure Winter University is a chance you can’t miss, please write to We are eager to meet the new talents who will join us!

Virtual session

All you need to know

In this virtual session we will describe the Winter University process in detail, talk about the test assignment and provide insights into the everyday tasks of a Nortal developer.

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