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Join us!

The catalyst of beginnings

Do you have what it takes to kick-start international projects? Do you believe in starting change with small iterations supported by good communication? Are you interested in traveling? And in your mind, does developer experience include exceptional continuous integration processes and minimal manual labor? Then you are the engineer we’re looking for.



Team international

Join team members who design solutions and processes for highly advanced international projects in Germany, Botswana and the U.S. – both onsite and offsite. Work with dedicated delivery teams on tactical high-impact missions, supporting sales initiatives while planning and implementing the project architecture. There will be information-system puzzles to solve. You’ll determine how different systems and information asset pieces interlock to create the best possible solution architecture and communicate these changes effectively, optimizing development processes to improve efficiency and quality of our deliverables.
In addition to technological decisions, you will also navigate the underlying business processes.


Way of working

Pride in engineering

You see yourself handling the bigger picture, yet you don’t mind getting your hands dirty in specific details.

Getting things done is important to you as well as keeping a constructive team environment.

We’re looking for seniors who are driven by starting new projects – improving and supporting ongoing delivery teams by reducing manual process-loads.


Supporting community

Developer experience

Ensuring our developers have everything needed for smooth deliveries, don’t get blocked by avoidable environment issues and feel like they can really make an impact.

Automating repeatable processes.

Planning and designing quantifiable progress measurements.


Seamless teams


You are proficient at working from a distance, but know that nothing beats real-life contact. You’re ready to jump on a plane for face-to-face time when you see fit. Working with different cultures and people is comfortable and familiar to you. The Catalyst hub is always waiting for you in Tallinn.


Some of the people you’ll be working with:


Want to meet with the team to get some first-hand insight?

Write Anett: