ROLE to apply for

QA Specialist

Quality assurance specialists help achieve the highest standards across all our products. These creative, analytical thinkers spend their time devising tests and discovering unknown unknowns. Nortal’s QA specialists work closely with customers and play a vital role in the delivery process.


The process you will follow

Test Meeting the

Training week
Work starts!

Skills you will learn

  • Establishing information objectives for testing
  • Creating a test strategy by analyzing the project, customer and business needs
  • Critical thinking, lateral thinking and systems thinking
  • Designing tests to be powerful, optimal and efficient
  • Discovering the unknown unknowns
  • Improving testability, mitigating product and project risks from the testing perspective
  • Using various test methods, tools and techniques
  • Understanding the basic patterns of test automation
  • Communicating issues and problems effectively
  • Managing yourself, managing your testing and influencing the development processes