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ROLE to apply for

.NET Developer

Deeply immersed in the Microsoft world, this versatile .NET developer creates cutting-edge web applications and user interfaces for information systems. Writing and maintaining deployment scripts, testing code and carrying out system integration are among the key support tasks.


The process you will follow

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Training week
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Skills you will learn

Software development process may vary from location to location. There may be different technologies, method and approaches used, depending on the customer need or business demand. Please see below which technologies are used by our .NET developers in various locations.


Tallinn, Tartu, Vilnius

  • Developing web applications and other information systems using different Microsoft technologies (.NET, ASP.NET MVC, CRM Dynamics, SharePoint, etc.)
  • Developing user interfaces (TypeScript, Ecmascript, JavaScript, CSS)
  • Designing and developing databases and object/relational mappings (Microsoft SQL, Entity Framework)
  • Writing and maintaining CI scripts (TeamCity, GitLab)
  • Versioning source code in TFS or Git repository
  • Testing your code and writing automated tests for your code (NUnit)
  • Keeping your work transparent in work management environments (JIRA)
  • Carrying out systems integration (REST API, SOAP API, BizTalk, Azure Portal)
  • Using Visual Studio vs ReSharper as SDK
  • Using SSIS as ETL in different projects



  • Building microservices and APIs using ASP.NET Core 2 and C# 7
  • Using Azure DevOps to build CI/CD pipelines
  • Building, packaging and releasing reusable core libraries and frameworks
  • Working with SQL and NoSQL databases (SQL Server, Cosmos DB, Redis)
  • Working with Azure PaaS services, such as Event Grid, Logic Apps and Application Insights

Teamwork and analysis:

  • Understanding how to solve customer’s business problems using technology
  • Performing technical analysis and designing data models
  • Teamwork in a Kanban-based development team
  • Using Story Points to estimate your work