Summer University stories: Juniors FTW!


Son to two IT experts, Del Remi Liik has been playing around with computers and technology since he could walk. That close relationship has made IT an inseparable part of his life.

Del Remi Liik was a freshman at the Institute of Computer Science of University of Tartu, when he entered Nortal’s Summer University program in 2019. He was just looking for an internship for the summer, but landed his first proper IT job.

He was amazed how seamless the application process was and excitedly anticipated the notorious assignment. “I really liked that it didn’t feel like some bothersome schoolwork, but solving the assignment was truly fun and created a real buzz,” said Del Remi.

The interview after the assignment brought Del Remi in contact with future colleagues for the first time and after that he was hooked.

The training week gave him the best memories and assured him that he is indeed valued, even though he is still in school and learning the trade. “The juniors were really warmly welcomed at Nortal and you could see that a lot of thought had gone into making the juniors feel good,” Del Remi remembers. “It felt like the juniors were truly important to the company.”

Mentors are a luxury

All the Nortal’s Summer University participants get their own mentor and that, in Del Remi’s eyes, is a big plus. “It gives you the technical and moral support you need during the onboarding,” he assured. “The latter being most important – anyone can google to find technical tips, but it can be difficult to find personal support and care, that a junior who is just getting to know his new job and workplace badly needs. From the first moment I met my mentor, it felt like he really cared about me and my onboarding and for that, I am truly grateful.”

Now Del Remi is a Junior QA specialist in Nortal’s team that helped create a solution to manage traffic flows better and faster at Tallinn port.

“The work that we did during the trial period prepared me well for what lay ahead and gave me all the basic knowledge to continue doing impactful work and evolve,” Del Remi explained. “Day after day I feel more at home at Nortal. It is still nice to get to know new Nortalists, who are always friendly, smart and stick together. I feel I can ask anyone in the office for advice and that my inquiry will be heard with genuine interest and support.”

“I cannot imagine working anywhere else, where I couldn’t contribute to the progress of IT,” Del Remi confesses.