ROLE to apply for

Java Developer

This all-around Java expert uses a variety of tech tools to develop server and web applications, performs data operations in databases, creates build scripts and more. Writing automated tests, participating in code reviews to ensure clean code and keeping all work transparent are central to the job.


The process you will follow

Test Meeting the

Training week
Work starts!

Skills you will learn

  • Understanding the Domain Driven Design principle and Enterprise patterns
  • Development of microservices architecture
  • Developing server applications on the Java platform using different technologies (Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Data, JPA/Hibernate, Mapstruct, Liquibase etc.)
  • Developing web interfaces (CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, Angular)
  • Performing data operations in relational databases (SQL, PL/SQL)
  • Creating and maintaining build scripts (Maven, Gradle)
  • Versioning source code in Mercurial or Git repository
  • Writing automated tests for your code (JUnit, Selenium, Gatling, Mockito)
  • Automating infrastructure (Vagrant, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes)
  • Keeping your work transparent in work management environments (JIRA)
  • Carrying out systems integration (SOAP, REST, JMS, etc.)