Nortal Summer University 2020

Nortal Summer University is a hands-on practical program with intensive learning, close guidance and, most important, real-world work. Unlike an internship or traditional educational experience, the program provides selected IT enthusiasts a full salary from day one and a place to work.

Registration for 2020 will be opened soon. Stay tuned!


What is Summer University?

Nortal Summer University is a practical program that will push your IT abilities to new heights through intensive learning, close guidance and, most important, real-world work. Unlike an internship or traditional educational experience, the program provides selected IT enthusiasts a full salary and a place on a live project from day one.

Can anyone apply?

Anyone interested in the roles we’re offering, regardless of education or career background, is encouraged to apply. Our aim is to find savvy team players with a positive mindset, then teach them the technical skills necessary for the role. We see experience in other fields as an asset, not a hindrance. Whether you’re an IT student in the final stages of your degree or a non-IT professional looking for a radical career change, this program is for you.

Available roles?

Available roles will be added soon! 🙂


Step 1:

Sign-up & Information Day

The application process kicks off with a sign-up period followed by an Information Day in each local office. You’ll get firsthand information from future colleagues and hear what day-to-day life in the company is really like. There’s no need to sign up for the Info Days at a Nortal office; you will receive all event details via email.

Step 2:

The Assignment

After registration closes, we start selection with the all-important test task. This assignment is your golden opportunity to show us what you’ve got and to receive valuable feedback. Instructions and deadlines will be emailed to you. An online space will be set up for you to interact with each other and our team will also be standing by, ready to answer your questions. Top performers in the test tasks are invited to our office to meet the hiring teams – our way of getting to know you better before making final decisions and assigning candidates to projects.

Step 3:

Training week

Successful applicants begin Summer University with a contract, a salary and an intensive week of training in Tallinn. This means you have to physically come to Tallinn – no online courses are available – but we know you’ll love it. Training Week is where you’ll learn from the best of the best, develop networks among peers and receive the tools you’ll need for the job. Nortal will organize and pay for all transport and accommodation.

Step 4:

Start your new career

The bulk of your Summer University experience will involve work on a current Nortal project. Under the close eye of your mentor, you’ll start small and build your way up, with the strong support of a community of other juniors. The learning curve will be steep, but the rewards are high.

We offer you a chance to work 30 hours a week so you can manage other responsibilities, such as university lectures. Our experience shows that teams need such a workload to function effectively, maintain teamwork and get the work done. It’s OK to work remotely – if agreed beforehand – but communicating with your team cannot be sacrificed.

Note that in some of the roles, knowledge of local language may be required. Have a look at our roles page for more information.



Sign-up Test Meeting the
Training week Work starts!



What roles will be available?


Looking back

During 2018 application period we received 2148 (!) applications in total – 276 in Serbia, 323 in Finland, 1149 in Estonia and 400 in Lithuania. Through a careful selection process we have decided to take on 54 bright & talented new colleagues – 12 QA, 31 Java developers, 3 .NET developers and 8 analysts.


Success stories



At Nortal Summer University you can expect:

A full week of intensive IT training in Estonia, all expenses paid

Rewarding work on real, ongoing projects

State-of-the-art equipment

Flexible hours

Personal onboarding and mentorship

Salary from day one