Quality is everywhere

The craft of qualitism

Qualitism is a level of excellence, and Quality Assurance (QA) specialists are the ones who set the bar at Nortal. This craft is about finding the perfect balance between business, technology and customer while building seamless solutions. Join our team of likeminded QA specialists and let’s make qualitism happen.


What does it take?

A QA specialist is a polymath — and the mastery of the trade starts with the right mindset, including striving for quality, knowledge about the business and a team-player attitude.

The role is a blend of technical, business and leadership activities, offering broad opportunities to contribute to the success of the project.

QA specialists need to see the “big picture” to understand why Nortal is undertaking the project, what domain and business field we are working in, and how the technologies we are building will provide the best solutions.


The team

Working within a project team is all about close cooperation, where all parties — developers, analysts, the project lead, and, of course, QA specialists — contribute to providing qualitism.

At Nortal, each team/project is like a small start-up given the freedom and autonomy to decide, among themselves, how they want to organize and define the work. For QAs, this offers an opportunity, based on personal strengths and interests, to undertake extra responsibilities outside the main tasks.



The QA specialists at Nortal form a close-knit tribe that thrives on knowledge pooling and mutual support. No matter what level you are in your career here, you’re always going to be learning something new! You only need curiosity and initiative to move forward.

You will be a part of a QA community comprising more than 60 global advocates — who, in addition to their daily work, have the chance to actively participate in regular events and training.



The stories of our QAs

01 / 06

Gintarė, Quality Assurance Specialist

Being a QA team lead calls for a clear understanding of the bigger picture. The everyday work involves participating in decision making, testing functionalities and having a good connection with the team. Working with very inspiring and result oriented people is a part of constant improvement. Having an analytical and critical thinking combined with a team-spirit is a good starting base for QA-s at Nortal.

02 / 06

Rasmus, Senior QA Specialist

I’m a master artisan, albeit lazy, software tester who automates all the boring stuff. Moving between eID projects, and helping where I can. My main goal is to give fast feedback to my team. At Nortal, we have earned trust from our clients; which, in turn, gives us more freedom when solving problems and, thereby, creating a positive feedback loop. Testers should learn fast and break things.

03 / 06

Helina, Senior QA Specialist

I have found an ideal combination at Nortal by working in the interesting domain of healthcare and contributing with my expertise in IT. I find it motivating to work on projects that benefit society by simplifying public services. The most significant value for me at Nortal, however, is the people. I can sincerely say that my colleagues are masters of their subject fields who work with passion and genuine commitment.

04 / 06

Andrija Cvijovic, Senior QA Specialist

The QA job is constant learning and full of new, different situations you may end up in. Being a QA lead requires you to be innovative, passionate, quick and ready to act outside your comfort zone to really deliver quality products. At Nortal I get to work with different people from all across the world who are truly experts in their field, but at the same time together we focus on the same goal – delivering something meaningful to our customers.

05 / 06

Jolanta, Lead QA Specialist

In my QA career I have been able to try out different roles: from selling stocks to proofing e-prescription developments. I am learning something new constantly, there is a lot of room to improve and develop. Also, I really like my colleagues who are strong experts in their subject field and are willing to help or guide you to the right direction. Plus, they are really fun to work with.

06 / 06

Kaidur, Partner and Senior QA Specialist

Quality is everywhere. I enjoy being a QA because my work has a significant impact during every step of the development process. I can get involved with very different topics and contribute to the wellbeing of the team and the client. The most important premise for a QA role, however, is a broader interest in software development and critical thinking.


Let’s meet and greet


Alex Ciorici

Alex Ciorici

Senior Talent Partner

Doing some recruitment, so part of my job is to find awesome people to join the company.
Triin Vinogradov

Triin Vinogradov

Talent Partner

People person, creative thinker and a talent spotter! Triin is always there to support you in finding your own path to success and giving insights that might unlock your new career paths! Talk to the wizard and take the quest!

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