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At Nortal, we orchestrate and take full ownership of digital transformation projects from strategy to technology while delivering high-impact, high-quality solutions to our clients on time and on budget. However, this is no easy matter.


Prerequisites for success

Large software delivery and digital transformation projects involve hundreds of people from different parties and companies located around the globe from different cultural backgrounds and time zones, making it challenging to keep large-scale projects efficient and cost-effective. For this reason, PMs at Nortal need to surpass the traditional approach to project management and to be capable of navigating highly complex setups and spreading the risk of the unknowns. This means that constant development is a must for our PMs. To help them map out the as-is skillset and plan the route to the to-be state, we have created a framework of project management excellence at Nortal.

Project Management competency model

How to excel in Project Management at Nortal?

Nortal evaluates and develops the following four competency areas for our project managers. Competency areas are based on the international standards and practices for project management and project quality assurance.


Project Management levels

Growing to the next level

Nortal Project Management levels reflect the nature of Nortal projects and summarize the necessary skillset to navigate and succeed in our high-impact digital transformation projects across the globe.


Responsibility is for smaller parts of the projects or more straightforward projects, such as a small (up to eight people) software development team delivering on a customer’s business objective. The PM is often working under the supervision of a more senior project manager. At Nortal, this person has a typically solid sector background from other specialist roles on the project such as product owner, analyst, developer, quality assurance specialist, or scrum master.

The Project Manager is expected to work independently in overseeing the project and key stakeholders. The Project Manager can start, manage, and finish the project on time and within scope and cost expectations. The projects are typically more complex – they come with risks and require experience to navigate successfully.

An experienced Project Manager who succeeds at coordinating and overseeing projects with medium to high complexity in new environments. Fluent in understanding customers’ business factors and proficient at maximizing the business value of the project. Has strong leadership skills; comfortable and quick at making smart decisions in complex and uncertain situations. Drives change.

An experienced Project or Program Manager who runs the most complex and demanding projects and programs at Nortal. Works in international environments and with distributed teams. Interfaces with all the parties affected by the project, including end-users, distributors, and vendors. Capable of solving a large-scale crisis in high-stakes situations.

Step on board! If the challenges and opportunities of being a Nortal PM resonate with you, you have a vision, a plan and capability to actualize it, get in touch and let’s talk to work out your unique path to project management excellence.

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