Rebranding Nortal University to Nortal Leap: A Leap Forward in career growth


We recently decided to freshen the brand and give it a name that reflects our program’s true concept and nature.  The rebranding represents a leap forward in our commitment to supporting and nurturing the growth of young talent in the tech industry.

So, what does the word ‘Leap’ signify in this context? A leap is a sudden movement or jump that propels you forward. In the case of Nortal Leap, it symbolizes the springboard to your career in tech with a paid salary and a contract!

No matter if you are in the middle of your career-changing journey or young talent looking to start your career, Nortal Leap focuses on providing a supportive environment to grow your skills, gain valuable work experience, and work on meaningful projects that make a real impact in the world. We aim to give you the perfect place to leapfrog into the technology industry, providing you with the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge to succeed.



If you are a junior looking to take a leap forward in your career, Nortal Leap is the perfect opportunity for you to join a community of passionate and driven people and take your first step toward a successful career in the tech industry!


The program aims to create a learning environment that is both challenging and supportive. Juniors joining our company will work with experienced professionals who provide mentorship, guidance, and feedback on your work. A big part of the Nortal Leap concept is to provide you with the necessary training sessions and workshops to enhance your skills in various areas, such as coding, debugging, using different applications, project management, and so much more!

The rebranding from Nortal University to Nortal Leap reinforces our commitment to continuously improving and refining the program. This rebranding is not a departure from the existing program but a testament to our investment in providing the best possible experience for junior talent. The name change reflects the program’s core values of empowerment, growth, and support now better than ever.


We understand that the job market can be daunting for juniors looking to jumpstart their careers. Nortal Leap provides an inclusive space where you can gain the confidence to pursue your career goals. You will work on real projects and deliverables, and your contribution will be valued and recognized!