Game on from day one!


Siim is as senior front-end developer in Nortal. In addition to this, he is also an active team lead on one of our projects. His career at Nortal kicked off in 2017 when he joined the company through Nortal Leap (then Summer University).


Siim started with programming by coding on his own for quite a while. And he was searching for opportunities to gain experience working on a team. He was looking for something meaningful to do with his career. As fate would have it, he saw information about the Nortal Leap (then Nortal University) program on social media that same year. Being aware that Nortal was behind e-Estonia’s success, Nortal felt like an excellent place to start his career.


“It was game-on from day one – really understanding the problems we were solving and finding ways to work together effectively.”


The beginning of his journey was not all happy-go-lucky. Siim describes it as a very challenging experience and unsure if he would make it. “It was game-on from day one. Real clients with real-world critical problems that needed to be solved yesterday,” is how Siim described his journey.


Not entirely sure what to expect, he soon realized that his views on software development in a professional setup were a completely new world to him. There was a lot to learn about information technology. It wasn’t just about writing code anymore; it was about really understanding the problems we were solving and finding ways to work together effectively. Luckily, having a great support system with personal mentors and colleagues around, he managed quickly get a grasp of everything quickly and felt confident in performing his tasks.


Today, working at Nortal has opened new doors and opportunities for him, one of them being the opportunity to lead the team. While he’s had the opportunities to travel and contribute to meaningful projects, Siim considers the chance to meet and work with so many talented people as the biggest opportunity working at Nortal has offered him.


“Thanks to Nortal, I have reached a point in my career where I can help others succeed.”


Siim has also actively contributed to the success of Nortal Leap years after being part of this program. He’s been responsible for creating a test assignment for Nortal Leap applicants. In the winter, he took a trip down memory lane by preparing and delivering a workshop on the NGRX topic for new enthusiastic junior developers who joined Nortal through 2022 Nortal Leap.

Do you want to know the top three recommendations from Siim if you are considering applying to Nortal Leap? Keep on reading!


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Have a routine and keep improving your skills

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Learn from the experiences of others and be humble in the process

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Nortal Leap is competitive, so keep trying


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