A decision that led to a great success!


Our Head of Delivery, Mattias, joined Nortal in 2014, already 9 years ago. Time flies when you’re having fun, as they say. Or, in Nortal’s terms, when you can grow and develop professionally inside the company. He was one of the graduates who had the opportunity to start working in Nortal through the first Winter University (now called Nortal Leap) we had organized.

Before applying to Nortal Leap, he was involved in web development and SEO as part of his business. Around that time, Google changed its algorithms heavily, which meant that SEO lost a lot of its value in this context, and website development was not that much of an interest to Mattias. Luckily, a friend of his worked at Nortal at that time. Having a friend already working in the IT company, he decided to join Nortal and see what the big IT world looks like. As there was no good entry point as a project manager, Nortal Leap seemed like a spot-on opportunity to start his career with us.


“The one-week-long onboarding program was awesome! Cool activities, full days together with other Nortal Leap people, and some training sessions made the perfect combination of onboarding to the company.”


Mattias submitted his application to the analysis and quality assurance track, completed his test assignment, passed the interviews successfully, and managed to grant himself a position as a junior QA specialist. According to him, the whole Nortal Leap experience was super! A very well-thought-through training week, good company, different fun activities, and a great onboarding altogether to the company gave him nice memories and a motivational boost to jumpstart his career in IT and Nortal.

We all know that applying to your first job can be scary. Therefore, we asked Mattias to provide you with tips to help keep in mind if you are thinking of applying to Nortal Leap:


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It’s a tight net, do your best to become one of the best. Use the preparation materials, do your research and focus on solving the assignments

02 / 02

Be yourself! We look for good skills but also good potential & team members that fit into our culture and company


“It’s been 8+ years since I graduated Nortal Leap, so something keeps me around, right? I’ve had each year constant new challenges and options to learn and progress. It never gets boring in Nortal.”


A small decision leads to great success. Mattias is a good example of how one decision can offer you a career where new challenges and learning opportunities await you every year and where you will not get bored!

By the end of his trial period as a QA, he was already tackling his first growth opportunity by helping his project manager with PM activities. Within a year, he took over the QA lead position and soon after got his own team to lead as a project manager. From then on, it has been a journey on its own. Mattias has worked on international projects, helped build a delivery center into an Estonian organization, been part of building up the German organization, and pushed the Enterprise sector back into the picture in Nortal. As the growth in Nortal never stops, he took on the next challenge as the Head of Delivery in Estonia.

We see this journey as a great example that working at Nortal really opens new doors and opportunities for you and is a great place to jumpstart your career! So don’t wait any longer; it’s your time to take the Leap and start the first chapter of your success story!