Guided Learning

This program will give you the tools to widen your skillset and bring you one step closer to becoming an extraordinary developer with the right mindset and approach to software development.


Nortal’s legendary Summer University had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, but we know how to be agile and adapt quickly. We have created a virtual study program for all the Summer University applicants. Guided Learning will teach you all the basics on the topics selected by Nortal’s specialists. And we will be here to support you on this journey!

Firstly, we will share assignments on each topic, that you can solve on your own. We will answer your questions and mentor you online along the way! We have created forums where you can ask questions from Nortal’s senior developers while solving the assignments. They will check the forum twice a day, but don’t forget to read what other students have asked before – the answer might already be there!

After you’ve managed to solve these assignments, there will also be live events, where we cover all the topics, you can meet the Master and ask questions from them.

We recommend you take the whole journey with us, but if there are topics which you have mastered already, feel free to skip some and focus on tasks that will challenge you the most.



13th of April at 4pm Guided Learning kick-off live event with Priit Liivak, Magnar Aruoja and Marko Kaar!

Watch the recording of the live session!

17th of April at 4pm Live session with Magnar Aruoja: “Don’t Reinvent the Bicycle: the Introduction to Angular”

Watch the recording of the live session!

21th of April at 4pm Live session with Marko Kaar: “Master of Spring”

Watch the recording of the live session!

24th of April at 4pm Live session with Priit Liivak: “Vagrant & Docker”

Watch the recording of the live session!


Meet the Masters

Magnar Aruoja

Magnar Aruoja

Senior Software Developer

Nortal's senior software developer Magnar Aruoja has a strong understanding of good software design for front-end as well as for back-end code. He can think strategically without over-engineering solutions. Magnar is fast, precise, fearless and goal-orientated. He can create magic!
Priit Liivak

Priit Liivak

Head of Engineering

Priit Liivak is an experienced software developer, Algorütm podcast host and Nortal developer community leader who is forever on the lookout for new ideas and technologies to improve the developer experience and increase the value for customers.

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