Happy Developers’ Day

We’ve reached yet another 256th day of the year, and this means only one thing – it’s time to celebrate Developers’ Day! And the best way to do it, of course, is to find out who has the upper hand in the ultimate battle of Code vs Zombies. Let the CodinGames begin – and may the odds be ever in your favor!


Here’s the drill

You have until September 19 to defend your fellow humans during a zombie apocalypse. Your task is to kill zombies to earn points and keep humans alive to maximize your score and win the game. Here’s how:


  1. Go to https://www.codingame.com/
  2. “SIGN UP” and log in
  3. Go to your profile and add “Nortal” as your company (to join our challenge and so we can keep score)
  4. Start playing (read the task and click “SOLVE IT”)
  5. Choose the language you like, code, test, and earn points by finally clicking “SUBMIT.” P.S. Only your best score counts.
  6. Check out the leaderboard
  7. Last but not least – there will be prizes for the top 3 coding heroes! If you want to compete for a prize, be sure to reach LEVEL 3 for chat to be enabled (we will confirm winners via chat)! How? Go to your profile, and read the description near PROGRESSION.

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