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Great things happen when we give our architects the freedom to execute on their strengths. Broaden your horizon of possibilities, and look beyond the traditional role of an architect, by exploring the various paths that architects at Nortal have taken.


The many paths of our architects

Nortal architects are builders and creators – writing code is close to our hearts. We believe in ambitious thinking – creating big solutions that have a meaningful and far-reaching impact.

To share a glimpse of the lives of Nortal architects, we visualized their activities as five verticals with complexity levels – we give you the freedom to be the architect you always wanted to be!

Hover over the graph to discover the meanings of the verticals as well as their levels of complexity.


Stories from our architects

Using the same methodology of five verticals and levels of complexities, we mapped out a selection of our architects from various teams.

This gives you an opportunity to take a peek at what our architects are actually spending their time on. Happy exploring!

Path_Jarkko Enden


Jarkko started out as a project architect and then got the opportunity to be a direct supervisor of our e-Health initiative in Finland. Today, he is the de facto CTO of our Finnish operations, working closely with all business areas as a liaison communicating between our sales and delivery organizations.



Kaarel is our world traveler. In years past, he was on the move for more than 200 days a year. As his role evolved and personal circumstances changed, so did the need for travel. Today, he works closely with our teams in Estonia, Lithuania, and the U.S. without the need for extensive travel.

Impact maker

Mr. Fix-It

Our very own Mr. Fix-It. He comes to a project, finds the things that are holding back the project, fixes them, and moves on. Apart from that, one of his “hobbies” is to unify, stabilize and optimize the servers and services used in our offices around the world — making sure that our developers have the needed tools and know-how to use them effectively.


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Over the past 12 years, I have worked on dozens of Nortal teams, in multiple geographies and domains. As an architect, I’m forever on the lookout for new ideas and technologies to adopt.

We are looking for architects who are able to solve software and business puzzles, figure out how different systems and information assets interlock with each other, remove silos and find the best solutions.

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Priit Liivak
Head of Engineering