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We are powered by small, highly collaborative development teams dedicated to working cohesively and efficiently. Our flat organizational structure allows for individual and team growth while producing the best results for clients. Whether at HQ or the client site, our community stays connected with technology innovation.

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Global reach, local community

Our KPI-driven delivery teams span the Atlantic, from North America to Europe. Nortal’s multi-disciplinary delivery teams surpass business needs by specializing in solution based architectures and implementation services.



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Fostering an inclusive environment

Nortal is committed to excellence in everything we do, from the technology we use to the people on our teams. We work hard to fostering an inclusive environment and a diverse work culture that celebrates our employees. We aim to build and cultivate teams of the best and brightest that reflect a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Nortal prides itself on a culture that encourages everyone to grow, innovate, and succeed together.

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Keeping skills fresh

At Nortal, we take continued education in new technologies seriously. We offer a paid formalized certification program, team and global Lunch ‘n Learns and the opportunity to keep skills fresh by learning emerging tools and technologies while on the job.

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Technical Project Management

Providing a holistic approach, Nortal relies on our technical project managers to own the vision and implementation of our projects while maximizing resources and efficiency. Valuing problem solving and leadership skills, our TPMs drive the right balance of rapid iteration and innovative solutions to our clientele.

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Enjoy life outside of work

Nortal is always looking for ways to enrich the lives of our people. With a fully paid medical insurance plan and a generous vacation program, our employees are able to recharge and enjoy life outside of work.


Making a Difference

By partnering with local organizations focused on technology education, Nortal aims to provide a positive impact in our local community. Our employees have the opportunity to combine their technical expertise and passion for philanthropy to volunteer for non-profit development projects.

"One of my favorite memories is what made me join Nortal. I went to the office building for the first time and I met Malia Jorgensen, Director of Talent Acquisition, and got to play with her dog. It was very warm and welcoming."
— Kess Atuyota

Senior Technical Project Manager

“I really like the project I am on now because it is the first one that introduced me to a new cloud provider. I was the sole engineer on the project for about a month so I had to learn quickly. It was also nice having the ability to test and try new things independently."
— Jayme Brock

Cloud Engineer

"I love working with the Nortal team – it’s great management through and through. There aren’t enough good things about how Nortal treats its employees."
— David Flegal

Software Developer II



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